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What is Music Visualization?

Mar 16, 2020 6:18:58 PM

Music visualization isn’t a new concept, but its power is undeniable. When we see moving images or figures mirroring or mimicking the music we hear, we experience an increased level of engagement, interest, and sometimes mesmerization.

Just a quick glance at a span of world cultures reveals countless traditions of combining the visual with the musical. Ballets come to mind, but so do traditions like Wayang theatre in Indonesia, where gamelan music accompanies a shadow puppet theater. This combination is unquestionably human, so it only stands to reason that music visualization options would explode in the digital age.

Surprisingly, though, music visualization options for music lovers are few and far between. In the modern era of streaming and easy access to libraries of our favorite music online, there should be a better way to visually see the nuances in the music we enjoy most.

Thankfully, Luminant Music is here to fill a gap that demands to be noticed.

Adding a New Layer of Depth to Your Musical Experience

There’s something inherently satisfying about seeing visuals synced with audio, especially visuals dedicated to the song itself. Music visualization, at least in terms of how we define it, isn’t necessarily the same as the score for a film, since the music exists to serve the visuals rather than the other way around.

Music visualization should be about serving the music, detailing its tempo, rhythms, mood, and climactic moments. We don’t just want to hear a chorus; we want to see the chorus and how it leaps out from the tamer verses. When you’re enjoying your music for its own sake, not just as something in the background, visualization can take your enjoyment to new levels.

There’s No Need to Spend a Fortune or Countless Hours Visualizing

The music visualization we see today, namely extremely polished and professionally done music videos, requires expensive software and hardware, not to mention hours of practice and training. When you’re a music lover that doesn’t have the time or money to create visuals with these tools but still want the satisfaction of putting visuals to your music, what are you to do?

Luminant Music does almost all of the visualization legwork for you, but still offers options for music lovers to express their creativity when creating visuals for their favorite playlists or individual tracks. You can select scenes that sync with your favorite moments or match the mood of the track you’re visualizing.

There’s really nothing like this out there right now - a platform that dedicates itself to creating visuals that serve the music you listen to every day regardless of genre or style.

Share Your Visualizations with Friends and Followers

If you’re a fan of music, you’re almost certainly evangelizing your favorite songs to your friends and sharing recommended tracks. Your friends probably know your favorite artists, and you’re not shy to tell them about a song you found interesting or a newly debuted album that you’re crazy about.

Music visualization should make the experience of sharing music with others even sweeter. When putting together a playlist, you can map out the visuals as you go. Luminant Music is YouTube-, Instagram-, and Facebook-friendly, so it’s easy to create music videos quickly for a track and share them as you listen to great music.

Start Your Luminant Music Experience

Luminant Music is a platform that gives you instant access to a world of visuals that sync with any tracks you love. Depending on the package you choose, you’ll receive different customization options.

To purchase Luminant Music directly, click the link below.

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