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Three Ways Our Experience With Music Has Changed

Feb 4, 2020 1:21:39 PM

From the debut of MTV to the rise of the CD and eventually the era of streaming, the way people experience music transformed dramatically over the decades. Music producers of all stripes wrestle with a constantly changing landscape where music production has become simultaneously more democratic and competitive.

We’re all pretty familiar with this brave new musical world. The road to making a living as an artist isn’t as direct, yet more people than ever are expressing themselves musically and promoting their work on major streaming sites such as Spotify or selling their music directly to fans through sites like Bandcamp.

So, where does Luminant Music fit into all of this? How can artists find more effective ways to stand out in a “noisy” world?

Here are a few key areas that define the current music landscape where Luminant Music makes an impact.

1. Streaming Is King

This is a revelation to nobody, but this is also the reality of the music industry today. Streaming crushes other music media, constituting more than 80 percent of total music consumption in the United States last year.

Spotify, the Swedish streaming giant, is among the most well known of the major streaming services, though it’s feeling the heat from a rise in competition. Nevertheless, Spotify and its competitors, such as Apple Music, are the primary medium for people to find and listen to music. On the other side, it’s also a place where musicians must have a presence in the push for exposure and relevance.

Direct song and album sales continue to drop steadily, though the vinyl market remains consistent, overtaking total CD sales last year for the first time since 1986.

So, where does Luminant Music fit in this landscape? If you’re an artist looking to stand out in the sea of streamers, then presenting a visual experience that differentiates you from the majority of artists that use static images is a good start. If you’re creating a playlist, you can enhance your experience by tying your favorite tracks to visuals that match the rhythm or mood of the music.

2. Live Shows Matter and Musical Intimacy Is Valued

Live music still holds value, just as it always has. Massive festivals and headliner shows still make waves, but there’s more to the live music scene than major productions.

Airbnb, better known for its home rental services, created a program that offers exclusive access to artists in major cities. Some of these shows by major artists are relatively intimate, offering new opportunities for visually compelling experiences in smaller venues.

While Luminant Music is versatile enough to use at any scale of live performance, it can be particularly useful for smaller venues and intimate performances with less infrastructure for major visual productions. When artists need to quickly upgrade their live music visual game in a tighter venue, the platform has an opportunity to shine (quite literally).

3. YouTube Continues to Dominate

No music streaming service dwarfs YouTube, the absolute colossus of music media - and especially music video media. At more than 1.5 billion users, YouTube as a platform cannot and should not be ignored by artists seeking to promote their work.

As a visual platform, there is ample opportunity for music producers to leverage motion graphics. Luminant Music users can not only create music videos for YouTube, but export their videos in specified resolutions and frames per second.

Test Out the Platform

With a wide range of opportunities to add compelling visuals in streamed or live performances of your music, now is a great time to try the platform and put it to the test.

To start your Luminant Music 14-day trail, hit the link below.

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Matt Holden

Written by Matt Holden

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