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4 Ways to Take Your Music Videos to the Next Level

Feb 7, 2020 8:45:00 AM

If you’re already in the swing of producing music videos through Luminant Music, you’re well ahead of the pack. You’re making your music more interactive and engaging, which is more than most artists can say.

That said, there are always opportunities to take your skills as a music video producer to the next level. There are several ways you can leverage the Luminant Music platform to create an even better experience for your audience. Soon you’ll be making videos with a little more nuance and, hopefully, a lot more engagement.

Choose Your Scene Transition Times Wisely

Depending on which Luminant Music package you select, you’ll have a different number of music video scenes to use in your video. You might be tempted to stuff your music video with several scene changes, but be careful how many hard transitions you add to your music.

While scene transitions can be impactful, you also don’t want to take away from your music by transitioning too frequently. On the other hand, you can draw attention to the most important moments if you save your transitions for those areas alone. While this might mean using a select few scenes per track, each scene transition will carry more weight.

Take More Control Of Your Color Choices

While you can always use the default colors for your music videos, you have options to customize the colors within your scenes. While some scenes offer more customization than others, this is yet another opportunity for you to express yourself and create a video that’s most suited for your track.

Remember that there are connotations behind every color choice. Bright red communicates high energy and passion, while blue sends the message of tranquility and neutrality. Purple can signal mystery and orange, enthusiasm.

You can always take some time to fine-tune your color options once your final scenes are selected.

Keep the Entire Album in Mind When Selecting Scenes

If you’re producing videos for your music, chances are you’re going to want to visualize more than one track. You might be creating a visual experience for an entire album, in which case it could make sense to keep common themes throughout the album listening experience.

This obviously doesn’t apply if the tracks on your album are drastically different from one another, each with its own character. More likely, though, there will be some common threads in style and mood. Keep this in mind as you select your colors and scenes, which might mean doing a little extra planning before diving into the video editor tool.

If Applicable, Add Lyrics to Your Videos

The advanced video editor gives you an option to activate lyrics if your song uses them, which can help make your song all the more interactive. If you’re interested in this option, we recommend adding a black area at the bottom of the video so that the lyrics appear clearly, which you can adjust in the video configuration settings.

In order to import lyrics into your video, Luminant Music will search for an .LRC file adjacent to the audio file you used. The .LRC file name should match the audio file name, and they need to be in the same folder.

You can read more about .LRC files here.

Resolution Can Make a Difference

While there is an option to export your music videos in 4K at 30 frames per second (FPS), we tend to recommend 2K at 60 FPS.

Your initial thought might be, “is 4K not twice as good as 2K?” However, the higher frames per second when exporting in 2K will offer finer detail than the 4K option, providing more clarity to the lights, colors, animations, and glow in your video. If your track is high tempo, you will want to maximize FPS as much as possible for added definition.

Just Starting? Launch a Luminant Music Trial

If you haven’t produced a music video with Luminant Music before, you can test the platform by launching a free 14-day trial. Test all of the tips above and more as you explore the video editor and create videos you can share on Instagram, YouTube, and in live performance settings.

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